The Unhallowed Horseman

The Unhallowed Horseman

In a town enamored with its own "Unhallowed Horseman" legend, a distraught teenage boy must come to terms with his own demons and perhaps the Horseman himself.

"THE UNHALLOWED HORSEMAN" is a contemporary reimagining based on characters of the American classic, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving, the Father of American Literature.

Set in small-town picturesque America, during All Hallow's Eve, against the backdrop of a seemingly peaceful place with an iconic past, the psychological thriller follows the coming-of-age of Vincent; a distraught and troubled young man, and his descent into his own mind.

As the title suggests, some things about the town and its inhabitants aren’t quite as they seem. In fact, generations of families have been living there, with a deep and dark secret, on the verge of reincarnating itself once again. With the help of his newfound love for the innocent Rayna, Vincent navigates the treacherous obstacles of authority figures throughout his life. Whether it be the overbearing no-holds-barred Sheriff, his own tempestuous mother, or the holier-than-thou townsfolk, Vincent seems to be under constant bombardment from prying eyes. What's more, Rayna's overprotective father, Deputy Constance, suspects Vincent may have committed some very heinous crimes.

Only after uncovering the town's history does Vincent begin to unravel its complex mystery, and that of the people living there, including that of his very own ancestors. We will see if he can do it in time to save the people he truly loves, or if he, like the others, will simply fall prey to an age-old curse passed down through the centuries. The town prepares for the return of a killer legend, while one young man prepares to take on his own innermost demons.

Jude S. Walko is a member of the esteemed horror writers association. He's also a film producer (Producers Guild of America), director, screenwriter, and actor (Screen Actors Guild). Among notable works is his 2018 award-winning film "The Incantation". Walko won the 2018 Eclipse award for Best Direction, among several other awards, for the film.

Jude has been a lifelong fan of classic literature and has a special love of all things Washington Irving. He even owns a grave plot at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in New York. He's passionate about Halloween, Tim Burton, stop motion animation and all things dark and mysterious.

He spends his time between Los Angeles and Thailand, where his family now resides, and has multiple film and writing projects in development.

"An expertly executed psychological thriller that will keep the reader on the edge of their seats. 4.5/5 stars." - Lisa Lebel, Grimoire of Horror

“Presuming to speak for the man himself, I believe he would approve from the grave this dark, intriguing contemporary rendition of his beloved American classic!” - Master Storyteller, Jonathan Kruk

“A worthy homage to Washington Irving and his story ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’” - Elizabeth A. White